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A Culture of Kindness


The ideas in A Culture of Kindness are not only important they are imperative for our future. This book discusses and lays out the theory on how we can all make our workplaces enriching and productive environments for employees and leaders alike. 

It demonstrates that improving the wellbeing of our employees, and therefore the success of the organisation, starts and ends with kindness. To create a more diverse and inclusive world we must never tolerate unkindness and in turn we will reduce stress and anxiety. Making positive impacts on productivity starts with putting kindness on the agenda in every workplace. 


Interwoven with podcast interviews with thought leaders who themselves embody kindness, and based on research into the history and science of kindness, this book expertly guides you on how to integrate kindness into your professional lives. Ideas are backed up with practical actions that you can take to see rapid change and better team working.

Accidental Adventurer
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Have you ever wanted to know how to achieve your goals?  Live your dream?  Understand the meaning of it all? Do you want to change the inner chatter in your mind that stops you from living your fullest life?


Nahla Summers will take you on a journey of resilience, purpose, facing fears and taking the moments to stop and stare.  She changed her life from lying on the living room floor and watching dusty pipes to travelling over 8,000 miles in various modes over several years.  As a consequence, she raised a quarter of a million acts of kindness. 


When Nahla started her social movement people laughed, 8 years on, the world now watches to see what she will do next because if she can, then we all can. She has cycled 3000 miles across America having not owned a bike for 20 years, walked 500 miles from South to North England relying on the kindness of strangers and broke a World Record by travelling 5007 miles on an a stand up bike through every city in the UK whilst writing ‘Kindness’, a 700 mile Strava Art across England.  Why?  Because she is driven not by her own motivation but a message and community that is bigger than her.


This book, written during Nahla's most testing journey yet, demonstrates the extraordinary power of the mind when everything else fails.

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