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Nahla Summers motivational speaker

"Kindness is a recurring gift and having Nahla speak to our organisation has had a transformational impact."


"Nahla delivered a really touching and powerful lesson in resilience and made us analyse the constituent parts of happiness..."


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Keynote speaker


Nahla presented the keynote at our Group 'Away Day’. The theme of the day was ‘connections’ and the aim was to set a kind and progressive Group culture. Nahla was brilliant from start to finish. Before the event Nahla asked how I wanted the Group to feel, which really made me think what I wanted to achieve from the talk.  I said 'connected and able to rely on each other’, and I have to say that Nahla’s presentation did just that, highlighting the importance of connection, however, it did so much more, convincing us that kindness works for business and inspiring us to be more resilient, kinder human beings.  The overall experience was an absolute joy and I am certain the benefits will continue, and multiply, long after.  

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AR, Group Leader, Physical Sciences group, DSTL


Nahla Summers is an inspiring and established speaker that takes the audience along with her on some incredible adventures through captivating stories both from research and real life.  She is unique, as not only has she completed ground-breaking research in leadership and organisational culture, but she is also an endurance adventurer and Guinness World Record holder, making her a very engaging and adaptable speaker for any event.

Among many messages that she delivers around leadership and the foundational secrets of great organisations, she shares how we can change the chatter in our minds to allow us to achieve anything we dream of.  How resilience is built and when the world gives us lemons how we can in fact make lemonade.  How the actions of one can change the world and therefore what we each do really does matter.

Nahla’s research work, A Culture of Kindness, it is a powerful theory on how we can bring kindness into the workplace and not only be happier overall but also improve employee wellbeing.  Her theory removes stress and anxiety from workplaces, therefore allowing increased productivity and profitable.  Looking to change the way people and businesses co-exist with her talk, book and podcast of the same name, she is affecting us all with positivity of how we can live and work for a more sustainable future.


‘Nahla personifies the mission of kindness that she is so committed to. From our pre-chat prior to recording she was extremely considerate to ensure her messaging, stories and content would suit our aims. Upon meeting Nahla, she was easy going and an absolute natural when she got into the podcast seat. The conversation with Gail for the Switched on Podcast is all about changing behaviour and mindset across BT and beyond, and this episode is going to have a huge impact in helping our colleagues to understand why practicing kindness is important and how they can kick start their journey in doing so – we cannot wait for its release!’

SR, Social Media and campaigns professional, BT

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Transforming workplaces

Through theory and research you can find out about how to transform your organisation and leadership skills.

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The social movement and community that promotes more human connection and increases healthy wellbeing within society.

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"The feedback from the team that I have received has been fantastic - I am glad that they have taken from it as I had hoped."


"An inspiring talk that uplifted us all, certainly gave me lots to consider."

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"Nahla delivered an inspiring talk with actionable takeaways that prepared the team for the change needed to take the business to the next level" 


“Nahlas talk was the first to sell out, in just two days.  Her talk did not disappoint and became quite a talking piece for the event”


"Everything I’ve heard has been really positive and people are speaking very highly of Nahla’s talk."


"Really insightful, powerful, mind provoking with an interesting and different way of tackling leadership challenges."

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