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New Book - The accidental adventurer

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

PRESS RELEASE – Book released 1st November – Book Review


‘The Accidental Adventurer’ will engage at a time when the world appears to disconnect; she asks all the questions that every human wants to know. How to achieve your goals? Live a dream? Understand the meaning of it all? Change the inner chatter in your mind that stops you from your fullest living life?

Nahla takes you on a journey of resilience, purpose, facing fears and taking the time to stop and stare. From a place of deep sorrow, Nahla transformed her life by travelling 8,000 miles raising nearly 250,000 acts of kindness. Nahla cycled 3000 miles across America, walked 500 miles from South to North England replying on the kindness of strangers, and completed a World Record breaking, 5000-mile journey on a stand-up bike through every city in the UK in the middle of a pandemic.

Why? Because she is driven not by her own motivation but by a message and community that is so much bigger than her. The message is simple, if happiness is the goal we seek, then kindness is the action that will get us there.

This book, written during Nahla's most testing journey yet, demonstrates the extraordinary power of the mind when everything else fails.

“Kindness is everything. I love what Nahla has created and is growing through her adventures. Kindness to yourself, the world and others-if we can all be more of that, more of the time, life would be improved for us all.” Sarah Outen MBE - British Athlete and Adventurer

"Kindness. Action. Passion. Adventure. This book has it all. Prepared to be inspired.”

Sarah Williams - Tough Girls Founder

"A reason to explore is the most important aspect of adventure. The need to push yourself physically and mentally in the extremes are challenges we create for ourselves. Operating in deserts, mountains, jungles, oceans or space are the platforms we choose. However, finding a reason to step out of your front door to experience life and to inspire others to act kindly in this fragile world is truly inspiring. The Accidental Adventurer is a reason to explore.” Mark Wood - Polar Explorer.


Notes to Editors

  • Sunshine People is a social movement for kindness. The cause is designed to encourage, share, promote kindness and improve mental well-being across the globe.

  • In recognition for changing the way we see the world, Nahla was awarded the UK Points of Light Award by Theresa May in 2019.

  • Route information, vlogs and inspirational acts of kindness are available to view on pack is available in the footer of the website)

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