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5007 Miles - 114 Days - 68 Cities
KINDNESS image.jpg

In 2020, Nahla broke a World Record on an ElliptiGO bike. It took four months travelling 5007 miles visiting every city in the UK. 

She wrote the biggest Strava Art known in to be completed in England by writing KINDNESS through England. 

She supported a number of social movements that make social 

positive change.  Urban confessional, the free listening movement, Just1Bag, the litter picking group, and Crisp packet 

project, the movement working towards supporting those who are homeless


The challenge started on 1st August in Truro and zigzagged up the up the UK and all the details of the route can be seen on her Komoot account, Nahlasummers. 

This is not a 'fluffy' mission but a series conversation and awareness raising of how we interact within society from Politics to media to education.  To make change we need to see change. 

Her latest book to be released on 1st November 2020 will share how you too can achieve the impossible. 

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